New Generation Epoxy 2in1 paint palette


  • 2 in 1 epoxy on zinc is a two component paint that combines rust and coating in the same paint, produced on the basis of Epoxy resin, polyamide curing agent, anti-corrosion active ingredient, pigment, solvent and additives.
  • Used as a protective coating on zinc and stainless steel surfaces.


  • Abrasion resistance is very good.
  • Withstand harsh environments.
  • Very good adhesion.
  • Fast drying time, hard.
  • Water resistant, solvents, very good chemical.
  • Small burn marks when cutting and welding wind stone.
  • Ability to combine very well with most types of binder.
  • It is possible to apply the paint right at the manufacturing plant and the installation site.
  • Little impact on the environment.


This is the New Generation Epoxy 2in 1 Paint’s palette.